Who Is Rezzil For

A unique set of drills is available in 9 countries across the world. It’s suitable for any level of the game: from the European League to the winners of the World Cup. Rezzil had combined all game levels to help you go your way in professional sports and become a real master. It is a great tool for analyzing game events and comparing different players.

How Does It Work

A series of drills are set to simulate possible game scenarios and let the player expand his options. The secure web portal is in charge of processing data, therefore no need to worry about leaking vulnerable information. You need to pass out the data to interrogate important player characteristics such as technical ability and decision-making. Every single test takes about 20 minutes; in addition, the test can be used to benchmark larger groups.

The test is defined as “complete” after the player finished all the drills. You will spend some time familiarizing yourself with the system, but Rezzil was created for people already familiar with football rules. Every player gets an index card which is equal to a website ID and can give you an overall score. The principle is simple: more games bring better results and a higher level, therefore a higher score on your index card.

Training Plan

It’s useful to note that not all sports packages at Rezzil require prepayment; there’s one session in Footy Gym for a new player that is free of charge. It is a part of understanding your initial level and helping to design your training plan. Trying a session for free will also get you a discount on sessions in the future. More and more professional footballers say Rezzil is the best thing that ever happened to them since it’s a great opportunity to stay well-trained any time even in case of an unexpected injury.

Talent Identification

The other useful function of Rezzil, the one especially great for coaches, is finding new talents that may become legendary sports icons someday. No matter if the sports event is real or carefully guided beforehand, everything is recorded in minute detail presenting the most useful data back to a player. The so-called “strategy” means that provided data can help you make informed decisions any time when using a service. It helps to build athletic resilience in times you need it the most; in addition, cognitive drills represent an innovative approach in remote training for big sports fans.

What Has Left to Say

Now, unless you know nothing about sports, you’re welcome to join Rezzil for an unforgettable experience. A unique set of cognitive drills is your chance to enhance yourself on a professional ground and become a master in what you’re playing. Operating across 9 countries at least, Rezzil has already earned plenty of excitement from novices and professional players. It helps to develop new talent; to uncover hidden abilities and even speed up the rehabilitation process for injured players. It expands your horizons to an impossible level and allows staying fit without leaving a house.

Besides, Rezzil is a decent entertainment option for those wondering how to spend their free time. The starter pack needs nothing but your desire to be better and higher in sports achievements. In case you didn’t know how the legends are born, Rezzil might be just a place. Explore your best self and don’t let your ambitions die down without good practice – everything is possible on Rezzil!